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Tarek Atoui - The Wave. Okayama Art Summit (2019)

2019.11/24 Field of work: Production Soundmixer


The Wave is a composition deriving from experimentation that Tarek Atoui has been doing with the instruments and sounds constituting the piece.
The instruments were developed for WITHIN, The Reverse Collection and The Ground, Atoui’s previous projects. The sounds are field recordings from I/E, Atoui’s project on harbour cities (Abu Dhabi, Athens and Singapore).
Since their creation, these sound libraries and instruments have been activated by a variety of collaborators and musicians. Some were deaf, interacting with sound and performance for the first time; others were professional musicians familiar with improvisation and extended techniques. The Wave is inspired by these individual and collective encounters.
Instruments are animated by objects and sound, and sounds are broadcast through metal and stone. The listening space that is created is a delicate ever-changing microcosm that repeatedly gets washed away by the Horns of Putin and then builds up again.